Membership and Meetings

We happily welcome new members!    If you would like to become a member, please email us at with your membership request and contact information.  We will get back to you as soon as we can and provide you with information about upcoming meetings, and a one-page application for you to complete and return to us. 

From September to April, we meet on the third Monday of each month at noon, at the United Methodist Church on Green Avenue, Sayville.  A light lunch is provided by rotating club members. We enjoy speakers with expertise in areas such as Long Island environment, garden design tips and floral design.   We have guided floral design projects for those members who are interested, and horticulture education each month.  Field trips to local gardens and parks of interest are offered at least once a year.   We also hold a lovely annual spring luncheon with an eminent speaker which is open to the public as a fundraising event.

We have a long history of serving the community, and our members are welcome to volunteer for as many activities as they like.     In fact, our community activities might surprise you, so please take a look!

One thought on “Membership and Meetings

  1. Hello, we’d like to invite your members to our annual art show, held at Gillette House on Dec 9 & 10 from 12-4. We’re pleased to have been invited to paint in your gardens during the tours over the years- Chris Taylor, for PALS (art group)


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